A Gentlemen's Club by Richard Gordon. A hardback contemporary novel.

A Gentlemen's Club, Richard Gordon

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In a world of loads-a-money thuggery, Thatcherite radical expediency and video nasties, a few traditional institutions remain to nurture an exclusive male chauvinism and resistance to change.

Sustained only by champers and pinkers, with steak and kidney on Thursdays, tripe and onions on Wednesdays, the members of the old Albany Club remain defiant buffers.

But even they are obliged to respond to the strident demands of modern society. They have to clean the dead mice out of the kitchen and accept a woman as new assistant secretary.


Item specifics

Condition: Good. A book that has been read but is in good condition. The book cover has no visible wear. No highlighting of the text. No writing in the margins and no missing pages.

Author: Richard Gordon
Format: Hardback
Language: English
ISBN: 009173956
Height: 22.3cm
Width: 14cm
Spine: 1.8cm

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