God’s Politics by Jim Wallis

God’s Politics, Jim Wallis

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In America, why do moral values and belief in God seem to make people pro-war, pro-rich and pro-Republican?

Jim Wallis’s best seller is a scathing indictment of the way that right-wing evangelicals in the US have hugged their Bibles, worn their flag pins and self-righteously attempted to co-opt any discussion of religion and politics, while at the same time ignoring the very values they profess to defend. The Left he argues hasn’t done much better, largely ignoring faith and continually separating moral discourse and personal ethics from public policy.

Wallis issues a passionate call for America’s government and religious communities to be more accountable to the key values of the prophetic religious tradition – pro-justice, pro-peace, pro-environment, pro-equality, pro-consistent ethnic life and pro-family. These are the values of love, justice, reconciliation and community that are at the core of what many people believe, whether Christian or not.

God’ Politics is a powerful, prophetic book that points the way for the future, not only of American society but also of rich western societies everywhere which are losing touch with the values that really matter.


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Author: Jim Wallis
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