Desire Romance Novel - 2 in 1

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The Fiancee Caper

To Catch a Thief, It Will Take a Thief

He comes from a long line of charismatic jewel thieves. But Gianni Coretti made a deal to save his family and now walks the straight and narrow. When Marie O'Hara, a beautiful security expert, asks him to steal for her as part of a sting, his interest is definitely piqued. The fact that she'll be pretending to be his fiancée is an added bonus. But as their fierce attraction blurs the line between ruse and reality, Gianni has to wonder: does a man with such a dubious past deserve a glorious future with this woman?


Matched To A Prince

How could she be his perfect match?

Prince Alain "Finn" Phineas pledged his love to Juliet Villere once...and she betrayed him. Despite the desire he still feels, Finn would never act on those feelings again. Not even when Juliet is chosen for him by an elite matchmaker. Then fate, in the form of the royal family, intervenes...

Trapped alone on a beautiful island, they are held "captive" until Finn can convince Juliet to marry him and end a political nightmare. His motives should be about serving his country. So why does his heart yearn for a second chance with Juliet--a real chance this time?


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Authors: Maureen Child, Kat Cantrell 
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780263914740
Height: 17cm
Width: 10.7cm
Spine: 2.25cm

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