America Rules: US Foreign Policy, Globalization and Corporate USA

America Rules: US Foreign Policy, Globalization and Corporate USA

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This is the story of the rise of the United States and the world’s largest corporations to a position of near-global joint domination. It shows how the lives of Americans and the affairs of their country are controlled by a small elite drawn from the corporate sector which has sacrificed the rights, the needs and the lives of many of the world’s people to US corporate greed.

The new world order has concentrated control over much of the planet’s trade, wealth and resources in the board-rooms of the world’s largest transnational corporations, enabling individual corporate giants to wield more economic power in the global arena than most national governments.

Successive American administrations have fostered an image of a chivalric United States eager to respect and to live in harmony with other nations, yet willing to make enormous sacrifices to defend entire populations against unjust and repressive rulers and ideologies. The reality, however, has been very different.

Between the end of the Second World War and the start of its war in Afghanistan, the US attempted to depose over forty ruling regimes around the world. Instead of serving as the global protector of freedom, democracy and human rights, it has showed contempt for these ideals.


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