Desire Romance Novels - 8 novels in 4 books

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Mills & Boon Desire series delivers 8 powerful, passionate romances…

Beneath The Stetson

Millionaire rancher Gil Addison does not need Bailey Collins. She is far from the sweet homemaker he thought he wanted. But she is a beautiful woman with a badge, hot on the heels of a kidnapper in Gil's club. And Gil is hot for her! 

Bailey can't let her career get sidetracked by the cowboy and his son. She's here to do a job, not find a family. Bailey won't stop till she gets her man in cuffs…. Trouble is, Gil won't stop till he gets this woman in his bed!

For The Sake Of Their Son

After one reckless night of passion resulting in a baby, Elliot and Lucy Ann's friendship is in tatters. Although women line up for the race-car driver's attention, Elliot only wants a second chance with Lucy Ann and his son. He's willing to do anything to convince her that he wants more than just marriage. He wants her.

Claiming His Secret Son

Once, Richard Graves seduced Isabella Sandoval to take revenge on the man who destroyed his family – but walking away was the hardest thing he’d ever done. So when he learns that Isabella’s son is his, Richard vows to reclaim them both…

Seduced by the Spare Heir

Infamous playboy Gabriel Montoro has been announced as heir to the throne – and he’s asked ex-model Serafia Espina to school him in social etiquette. But it’s soon clear that Gabriel’s intentions are entirely against royal protocol!

Pregnant by the Cowboy CEO

Jewellery designer Amie McNair would do anything for her dying grandmother, including promise to travel with the outsider chosen to run her family’s business empire. Simple. All she has to do is keep her hands to herself … and find a way to let the sexy new CEO know she's pregnant with his child.

Preston Armstrong has secrets of his own. But spending a week with Amie has this tight-lipped cowboy longing to open up. Even if his past threatens their future—as a couple, and a family.

Lone Star Baby Bombshell

Kelly Michaels was once seduced by a sexy stranger… but when he left town, she discovered he was film star Jace Compton. Now Jace is back and wants to take responsibility for their baby – so he must convince Kelly that the real him is here to stay!

What A Rancher Wants

Nothing’s come easy to rancher Chance McDaniel since his best friend betrayed him, until the deception explodes into a Texas-sized scandal and his best friend’s sister, Gabriella del Toro, appears to pick up the pieces. Now Chance’s luck is about to change and seduction has become his top priority…

Back In Her Husband's Bed

It’s been three years since Annie Baracas left her husband, Vegas casino owner Nathan Reed, and he still hasn’t signed the divorce papers. So when Nate finally offers to set her free, Annie will agree to any terms. All she has to do is play the happy wife…and not fall in love with her husband.


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