Jane Austin A Biography

Jane Austin A Biography

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Jane Austin in her brief life – she died at the age of forty-one, wrote six novels of enduring worth and ever-increasing popularity. She wrote that ‘3 or 4 families in a Country Village is the very thing to work on’, but on this limited canvas she painted a vivid picture of human behaviour.

But what was Jane Austin like? How was it she wrote so perceptively of love and money when she had so little experience of either? In this entertaining biography based on many years’ research, Valerie Grosvenor Myer reveals the true face of this elusive and self-effacing woman.

Jane Austin was not aristocratic, but middle-class and a ‘poor relation’. Marriage was the obvious escape from straitened circumstances but her obstinate heart made it impossible for her to accept the hand of a man she did not love and she rejected at least one proposal of marriage. Her books, she said, were her children.

Valerie Meyer has used Jane Austin’s gossipy, candid letters, family papers and the letters and memoirs of people who knew her, to bring to life this humorous, lovable woman who was also a novelist of genius.


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