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Michael Collins, the “Big Fellow” from Clonakilty, Co. Cork, was just thirty years of age, at eleven o’clock on the morning of the eleventh of October 1921, he sat down in Downing St. to negotiate Irish independence with one of the most formidable political teams that England ever assembled.

Before the Truce of July 1921 and that remarkable debut in international diplomacy, forced on him against his will by a Machiavellian Eamon de Valera who refused to join the negotiations, Collins had rightly been celebrated as the brains and driving force behind a daring strategy of guerrilla warfare which caused him to be known internationally as “The man they couldn’t catch.”

In Part 1 pf Tim Coogan’s much acclaimed biography of Collins, the formative influences which shaped Collins from birth as described. So too are events such as his participation in the 1916 Rising, the emergence of Sinn Fein, and the ferocious Black and Tan known as “The year of the Terror”.

In the second volume of the biography, the events leading to a truce and the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty are described, as is the setting up of a separate State in the six counties of North-Eastern Ireland. We see Collins become the first Commander-in-Chief of the Irish Army and the slow, inexorable drift to a tragic civil war.

It takes in the full sweep of Irish history as it was lived by all the major protagonists of Collins’ lifetime, till his death at the hand of a fellow Irishman in an ambush in his native Co. Cork.


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