Racing Driver – F1 Through A Driver’s Eyes, Heart & Soul

Racing Driver – F1 Through A Driver’s Eyes, Heart & Soul

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Motor racing drivers are complex characters. They are loners, and yet they are part of a team. They are mostly instinctive and reactive, yet they must plan and analyse the minutiae of their car and driving style. Glamour is all around them, and so is temptation, yet the modern driver must lead a monastic life. They are under the media microscope in a highly pressurised environment.

Racing Driver uncovers their world, how they train, eat, relate to others around them. it delves into their emotions, how they cope with the pressures of racing, of being public property, how they handle fear and the challenges of racing high-tech cars at body-damaging speeds.


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Author: Norman Howell 
Format: Hardback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781905156221
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