Sea Quest Series 1–4 by Adam Blade 16 Book Fantasy Collection Set

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Sea Quest Series1: Sea Quest
Sea Quest Series2: The Cavern Of Ghosts

When his dad is kidnapped by Cephalox the Cyber Squad, Max must give chase - and so begins his first Sea Quest. Join Max and his friend Lia as they battle terrifying Robobeasts and the evil masterminds that control them.

Sea Quest Series3: The Pride Of Blackheart
Sea Quest Series4: The Lost Lagoon

Nemos is under attack from the wicked pirate Cora Blackheart and eight ferocious Robobeasts. It's up to Max and his friend Lia to defeat them.


 Titles In This Collection

Cephalox - The Cyber Squad
Silda - The Electric Eel
Nanak - The Silent Predator
Kraya - The Blood Shark
Shredder - The Spider Droid
Stinger - The Sea Phantom
Crusher - The Creeping Terror
Mangler - The Dark Menance
Tetrax - The Swamp Crocodile
Nephro - The Ice Lobster
Finaria - The Savage Sea Snake
Chakrol - The Ocean Hammer
Rekkar - The Screeching Orca
Tragg - The Ice Bear
Horvos - The Horror Bird
Gubbix - The Poison Fish.



Item specifics

Condition: New. A new, unread collection of 16 fantasy books in perfect condition, with no missing or damaged pages

Author: Adam Blade
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Height: 19.7cm
Width: 12.7cm
Spine: 7mm

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