The Lying Ape by Brian King

The Lying Ape, Brian King

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We tell an average of six lies a day, psychologists believe. So, the next time you speak to someone, the chances are that you will be lied to. Or that you will lie.

With his characteristic wit, Brian King unravels our world of deceit, exposing the deceptions of politicians, ad-men, journalists and second-hand car salesmen as well as the subtler falsehoods and whiter lies we tell our partners and children.

He looks at some of the great liars of history, reveals how scientists can observe the brain as it suppresses the awkward truth in favour of the convenient lie, and advises on the best techniques for spotting a lie through body language and verbal slips.


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Author: Brian King 
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781840467994
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Width: 13cm
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