The Writing on the Wall by Will Hutton

The Writing on the Wall, Will Hutton

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The prevailing view of China is of an economic juggernaut set to make the 21st century its own. This provocative and stimulating book warns instead that China is running up against a set of daunting challenges from within that could well derail its rise and, in turn, deliver a crippling shock to the global economy. Britain, Europe and the United States must recognise that they have a vital stake in assuring that collapse does not happen.

The effects of China’s economic growth on our lives are visible everywhere, yet is a nation burdened by a weak enterprise system, corruption mounting social protest and environmental degradation. Hutton shows how the contradictions of an authoritarian state are fundamentally disabling, and argues that if china is to complete the transition to capitalism on which it has embarked it has no option but to embrace the mechanisms that make business and government accountable to the people – from a free press to representative government.

Hutton’s startling analysis of the world’s foremost politico-economic concern is a powerful warning that global peace and prosperity depend upon successful transition. The writing is on the wall.


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Author: Will Hutton
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