Through Gates of Fire by Martin Bell

Through Gates of Fire, Martin Bell

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What kind of world are we making for ourselves? Martin Bell uses his personal experiences as a reporter of eleven wars (to date), and independent MP, to write an impassioned, heartfelt and coruscating call to arms. The three central theses, are the way in which war, politics and journalism have changed beyond all recognition in the past thirty years.

As Kofi Annan said, we have entered the 21st century 'through gates of fire' and Bell pleads with poetic conviction for a stark reappraisal of the world we're creating for ourselves. He has had first-hand experience in Afghanistan, Malawi, Rwanda, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and the first Gulf War. He has been an independent MP and testified at The Hague. In Bell's words, 'this is a world in which it isn't even safe to be dead'.

In the first World War 90% of casualties were soldiers; in recent wars 90% of casualties are civilians. The advent of 'live' conflict coverage on CNN has led to television being used as just another propaganda tool where the truth is difficult to find. Such facts can be gleaned from the saturation coverage we're experiencing of the current Gulf War, but Martin Bell is keen to place this in a wider context and warn of the calamitous future we are shaping. Bells' synthesis of recent history and behind-the scenes insights will create intense media debate. As political activism increases this will be heralded as a benchmark work.


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